Bootstrap the Hello, World app

  1. Open Terminal or the command prompt, and then run the following command:
$ npx [email protected]

For more information on the files, folder structure, and the app, click here.

  1. Run your app locally.
$ cd my-miro-app
$ npm run start 



  • If you changed the name of the app, replace my-miro-app with your app name.
  • We use mkcert to generate locally-trusted development certificates. This is required to run localhost over HTTPS. When you run npm start for the first time, you are prompted to enter your password so mkcert can generate the certificate for you. The generated certificate is available in the ~/.vite-plugin-mkcert folder.
  1. Copy the app URL from the console output. The URL should look like this:
  1. Open your browser, paste the URL you just copied in step 5, and press ENTER.
    A message indicating that your app is now running locally appears.


Keep your app URL handy as you’ll need this URL in a few minutes.

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