Embed a board via direct link

Route for board embed

To embed a board live, use the following URL: https://miro.com/app/live-embed/{board_id}.

For example, in the link https://miro.com/app/board/{o9J_koN-CQ8=}/, the part in the curly braces is the ID you need.
Substitute the board part with live-embed

Here is an iframe embed code example:

<iframe width="768" height="432" src="https://miro.com/app/live-embed/o9J_kkQxX78=/?moveToViewport=-23165,-5837,13803,7546" frameBorder="0" scrolling="no" allowFullScreen></iframe>

Here is this same code in an iframe:

How to get the board_id

There are multiple ways to get the board_id:

Skipping "See the board" screen

By default, Miro Live Embed opens with a pre-loader screen that displays the name of the board and suggests that the user clicks a button to load the board or request access to the board if the board is not public.

You can skip this screen by passing the embedAutoplay=true parameter.

For example:

<iframe src="https://miro.com/app/live-embed/o9J_kkQxX78=/?embedAutoplay=true&moveToViewport=-23165,-5837,13803,7546"></iframe>
<iframe src="https://miro.com/app/live-embed/o9J_kkQxX78=/?moveToViewport=-23165,-5837,13803,7546&embedAutoplay=true"></iframe>

Board access rights

Embed via direct link uses the same access rights as the board itself, taking into account current login and board accessibility directly by link. There might be issues if the user's browser blocks 3rd party cookies.

Setting start view

To load embed with a specific start widget, use the moveToWidget={widget_id} parameter in the URL, as provided in the example below. You can get the widget ID using REST API or from a "copy link to widget" action on the canvas.


To load embed with a specific start viewport, use the moveToViewport={x},{y},{width},{height} parameter in the URL, as provided in example below. You can get the current viewport using the Web-Plugins API.


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