Embed boards

Miro Developer Platform provides an API to generate access-link and embed boards in any site.

Embedding a board created in Miro is a great way to share your work with your colleagues. All the changes you make to the board will be reflected in the embedded window. Miro embed is an iframe-based solution that makes it easy for using the entire Miro experience right where people work.

Use-case examples

  • Embed Miro boards into your CRM pages as a single place of truth
  • Embed Miro boards into tasks in your Task Tracker
  • Embed Miro boards into calendar events

Example of a board embedded into Atlassian Confluence page

Example of common user-flow for boards embedding


To make integration with our boards easy we have implemented special API in BoardsPicker.

Please note, that to embed editable board you need to use BoardsPicker, it will provide you with the access-link for Live Editable Embed. Do not use common board links, as they provide SVG embed only.


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