2022-03-24 changelog

Miro Web SDK 2.0: ⚠ breaking change! ⚠
When creating or updating images, you can set either height, or width; not both.



Breaking changes

Miro Web SDK 2.0
Images: on creation and update, you can only set either width or height.

What has changed

We introduced a number of changes to improve support for board items, and to make Miro Web SDK 2.0 functionality more consistent.

Web SDK 2.0 item resizing

The following table lists the changes related to item resizing.
Update your code for the relevant items, where necessary, so that they can keep working as expected.

ItemMiro Web SDK 2.0
Image⚠ This is a breaking change for image items that use the Miro Web SDK 2.0 ⚠

When creating or resizing an image item, you can set:
  • Either width or height.
    You cannot set both at the same time.
Based on the specified value, the image is scaled accordingly to keep its aspect ratio.
Scale is based on the specified width or height, and on the dimensions of the original image, as returned by the resource service.