Miro Marketplace

Contribute to Miro’s public ecosystem of apps and integrations where you can reach a global audience of more than 60 million users and unlock exclusive benefits.

The Miro Marketplace is home to a public collection of hundreds of trusted apps and integrations to help Miro users streamline their workflows and connect their favourite tools.

Why publish on the Marketplace?

Publishing on the Marketplace allows you to distribute your app or integration to a potential audience of more than 60 million Miro users worldwide who use third-party solutions to enhance their workflows in Miro each day.

By publishing on the Marketplace, you not only gain access to a large and engaged user base but also unlock exclusive Developer Benefits designed to support and amplify your success. These include expert consultations, a complimentary Miro Business plan, promotional opportunities, and more.

Submission and requirements

To maintain a high-quality, secure environment for Miro users, all submissions to the Marketplace undergo a thorough review process. We require that your apps meet specific security and design guidelines before they can be published. As you prepare to submit your app or integration, ensure you’re familiar with and adhere to our App Development Policy and best practices for listing on the Marketplace.


We understand the challenges and intricacies of developing and publishing apps. To support you through every stage of this process, Miro offers an array of guidelines. These guidelines provide the foundation for creating apps that are not only functional but also secure and aesthetically pleasing:

Use the following resources to showcase your app effectively on the Marketplace, increasing its visibility and user adoption:

Access and utilize app performance metrics to refine your app post-launch, ensuring it meets the needs and expectations of users.

Additionally, our comprehensive policy outlines the standards and requirements for app development, ensuring a safe and productive ecosystem for all Marketplace participants.