Build and deploy your app

Learn about building and deploying your app for Miro before submission for review.

This document will guide you through the steps required to build and deploy your app.

Step 1: Build your app


Before starting the development of your app, ensure you are familiar with the necessary guidelines and tools:

  • Design Guidelines: Adhere to our design guidelines to deliver the best user experience. We expect developers to share our commitment to excellent UX.
    • Utilize Mirotone, which offers a range of UI components designed to integrate smoothly into Miro boards.
    • If your app utilizes SVG files, ensure they are optimized according to our SVG optimization guidelines.
  • Security Guidelines: Follow our security guidelines to ensure your app is secure and resistant to known threats.
  • Developer Policy: Review and comply with our developer policy.

Development process

Begin the development of your app. You can start from scratch or modify one of our sample apps to expedite the process:

Testing and debugging

Continuously test your app to identify and fix bugs. Ensure thorough testing and debugging before moving to deployment.

Step 2: Deploy your app

Once your app is built and tested, deploy it to make it publicly accessible. Choose a suitable hosting service from the following options:

For detailed deployment instructions, refer to our deployment guide.

This structured approach will help ensure that your app meets all necessary criteria and is ready for submission for review.