The Miro Developer Platform allows you to build apps and integrations to extend Miro's functionalities via our Web SDK and REST APIs.


The Web SDK is a JavaScript library that you can use to build apps that enrich user experience. Apps interact with the board's graphical user interface to create, update, and delete board items such as images, cards, or sticky notes.


The REST API is a set of HTTP methods that you can use to build integrations that don't rely on interactions in the Miro interface. Integrations connect a Miro board to a third-party product or service to exchange data programmatically, and to enable flows that require communicating with a server backend or a database. For example, data synchronization between a Miro board and a third-party product such as Jira or Airtable.

Miro Web SDK and REST API Usage

The following table provides guidelines to help you decide when to use the Web SDK and the REST API:

Feature/RequirementMiro Web SDKMiro REST APIs
Live interaction with users on the board
via UI extension points
Example: Show panel with customized form
Access to board items
Access to team data
Access to organization data
Third-party product integrationInitiate from Miro boardInitiate from a third-party tool
Board open in browser or Miro native appBoard must be open
Board can be open or closed
(online or offline)
Backend hostingNot requiredRequired
Programming languageTypescript/JavaScriptAny

For example, you can use the Miro Web SDK to build a calendar app in Miro while you can use the REST APIs to create sticky notes from a massive list on a Google Sheet. The Miro Developer Platform allows you to create all kinds of fun, useful apps and integrations. It’s flexible enough to let you build what you want while being powerful enough to support essential workflows for you and your team. We have many more examples of other apps and ideas you can build. See Miro App Examples to find more.


  • You can create apps that use both the Miro Web SDK and REST APIs if required.
  • You can connect the Web SDK to any API of your choice.

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