App card

App cards enable card information exchange between a Miro board and an external tool that also uses cards as a structured information format.

App card is based on the card item, and it enables you to:

  • Create an app card.
  • Assign it custom preview fields.
    The preview fields are displayed on the bottom half of the app card in the compact view.
  • Listen to the app_card:open event to open a modal with the custom fields of the app card, or any other custom content you want to make available on the app card.

In the app card detail view modal, it's possible to view and edit fields that map to the card format of an external tool that you want to integrate with a Miro board.
This makes it possible to design an app card to organize information on the board in a structured way, and to sync the data with a third-party tool such as Trello, Monday, or Asana.
Miro boards can become a project and task management tool that fits in an Agile, Scrum, or Kanban approach.

App cards and cards share the same properties, with the following exceptions:

  • App cards lack assignee and dueDate.
  • App cards have additional properties:
    • fields: an object array
    • owned: a Boolean
    • status: controlled by the app that creates the app card.

💡 You can set a custom logo for your app card through the UI on the app settings page.

App card item, compact view:

Figure 1. Compact view of an app card. The custom preview fields are highlighted in different colors. The default app card icon is on the bottom right. The status icon is displayed when hovering the mouse over the top-right corner of the app card.

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