App listing guidelines

Learn best practices for branding your app and optimizing your app's Marketplace listing.

A compelling app listing effectively communicates the value of your app and can significantly enhance your brand's visibility. This document provides best practices for creating a clear, concise, and visually appealing app listing to engage users and promote your application effectively.

App listing elements

To ensure a comprehensive and attractive app listing, include the following essential elements:

  • App Name: Distinct and descriptive, reflecting your app's functionality.
  • App Logo: Visually striking logo that embodies your brand.
  • App Visuals: High-quality screenshots or videos that illustrate the app's features.
  • App Description: Concise explanation of the app's purpose and its benefits.
  • Resources & Links: Useful links such as your privacy policy, help center, and support contacts.
  • Categories: Relevant categories and tags that improve discoverability.

App name

The app name should be unique and clearly related to what your app accomplishes. For detailed guidelines, refer to our App Design Guidelines.

App logo

Design a logo that not only represents your brand but also stands out in the marketplace to grab user attention.

App visuals

Visuals play a crucial role in storytelling for your app. They should be clear and descriptive, providing an easy understanding of what your app does and how it benefits users. Utilize our public template for designing app screenshots effectively.

Visual requirements

  • Quantity: At least one, but no more than six screenshots or videos.
  • File Types and Sizes:
    • PNG or GIF images (up to 8MB)
    • Maximum dimensions: 1258x706
    • Avoid rounded corners and padding; images should be full bleed.
    • Videos must be available on YouTube (other formats like mp4 are not accepted).
  • Naming: Use a clear file naming convention, such as "screenshot-1.png", ordered by appearance in the listing.
  • Design Considerations:
    • Avoid white or light gray backgrounds that could blend with the marketplace environment.
    • Ensure images include impactful copy explaining the app’s utility and value, limiting text to 1–2 lines and no more than 20% of the image area.
    • Exclude logos from screenshots.
    • Ensure clarity in visuals, avoiding any blurry or distorted images unless intentional for branding.

App description

Describe what your app does and why it is a valuable addition for Miro users, focusing on solving user challenges and enhancing daily operations.

Description guidelines

  • Content: Provide a list of key features and setup instructions.
  • Length: Keep the description under 450 characters.

Resources and links

Include all relevant links associated with your app:

Tags and categories

  • Tags: Incorporate descriptive tags related to app functionality or brand.
  • Categories: Choose applicable categories for better visibility in the Miro Marketplace.

Submission process

Once your app listing assets are prepared, submit them using this form. Our team will review and notify you upon approval.

Promoting your app

Upon launch, take the following steps to maximize visibility and user engagement:

  • Create a dedicated landing page.
  • Utilize descriptive tags in the Marketplace.
  • Promote through social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Discord, and Product Hunt.
  • Engage with the Miro Community by sharing your app.

Getting featured

Apps are periodically selected for the Featured apps category based on relevance, quality, and performance. High-quality submissions are more likely to be chosen; however, there is currently no application process for this feature.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can create an effective and appealing app listing that attracts more users and enhances your presence in the Miro Marketplace.

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