Get ready for Marketplace

Learn about the process and requirements for submitting your app for review.

We are committed to empowering teams by providing apps and integrations that enhance collaboration within a self-serving ecosystem.

To contribute to this mission, we invite developers to the Miro Marketplace to help revolutionize the world of collaborative work. This guide outlines the process and requirements for submitting your app for review.

Ideal apps for the Miro Marketplace

The Miro Marketplace welcomes apps and integrations that bolster teamwork and streamline collaboration. We are looking for applications that:

  • Facilitate workshops and virtual meetings.
  • Support the implementation of Agile methodologies.
  • Aid in research and analytical tasks.
  • Assist in software and product development.
  • Enhance the overall user experience on Miro.

Engage with the Miro community

To understand how users leverage Miro for daily collaboration challenges:

Publishing your app

Making your app available on the Miro Marketplace exposes it to millions of users, allowing them to install and benefit from your innovation.

App submission process

The process for getting your app published involves several key steps:

  1. Build Your App: Develop your application in alignment with Miro's guidelines.
  2. Deploy Your App: Host your app on a public platform where it can be accessed and installed.
  3. Submit for Review: Once built and deployed, submit your app for review to ensure it meets all necessary standards.

The Miro app submission process flow

By following these steps, you can contribute to a thriving ecosystem that enhances productivity and collaboration on Miro.