3) Run your first app in Miro

In the third task of the guided onboarding, you create and run an app on a board.


Time to complete

Time to complete ~8 minutes

Learning objective

Learning objective After completing this onboarding task, you'll be able to:

  • Understand how to run an app in Miro by cloning one of our samples, and
  • Know where to manage its configuration settings.
  • You'll create a developer team and a developer app.

To develop a Web SDK application that's accessible from a Miro board, you'll need to create a developer team and configure your app's settings in Miro.
You can do this in just 1 click below.

Action 1: configure your app

  1. Click the link below to create a developer team and generate app credentials in Miro:
    Create developer app
  2. Name your app.
  3. Click Create App.
  4. Install and authorize your app to make it available to boards belonging to your developer team.

After configuring your app, you can run a local clone of our drag and drop sample app by following the steps below.

Action 2: clone our sample app

  1. Clone or download our drag and drop sample app to your local machine.
  2. To install the dependencies, browse to the root of the drag-and-drop app directory, and then run:
    cd path-to/drag-and-drop/root-dir
    npm install
  3. To start the project, run:
    npm run start
  4. Et voila! The project should now be running on http://localhost:3000.

Let's wrap up

Let's wrap up In this onboarding task, you:

  • Cloned one of our sample apps, and
  • Configured a developer environment in Miro.

Next, let's interact with your app in Miro!

See also

What's next

In the fourth task of the guided onboarding, you interact as a board user with your running app.