Build a business on top of Miro’s public Marketplace where you can distribute apps and integrations to a global audience of more than 60 million Miro users.

Partners and developers building on top of the Miro Developer Platform are encouraged to monetize their apps and integrations by offering paid features or access as they wish. The public Miro ecosystem offers Miro end users the opportunity to draw value from premium capabilities that may not be available natively in Miro.

How can I monetize Miro apps or integrations?

Publishing on the Marketplace allows you to distribute your app or integration to a potential audience of 60M+ Miro users who use 3rd-party solutions to enhance their workflows in Miro each day.

Although the Miro Developer Platform doesn’t currently offer a native monetization solution, there are recommended ways to leverage third-party capabilities to help you build a business on top of Miro:

Monetization with Miro + Stripe
Learn how to integrate with the payment processing platform, Stripe, to receive payments for your Miro apps.

Example App: Miro + Stripe
Leverage our example app and understand how to use the Stripe API in conjunction with Miro’s Web SDK.

Leveraging our resources, you can meet the needs of Miro users looking to take advantage of your app or integration at a premium.

In the future, we will explore additional ways to make monetizing your Miro apps even easier.

Working on an app that incorporates monetization? We’d love to hear about it. Join our Discord channel to ask questions, share your app, or get feedback on your ideas.