Live Embed view-only mode

Embed a Miro board in view-only mode with minimal UI inside an iframe with a direct link.


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A view-only mode to focus on content

Besides embedding a board with a standard UI, you can also embed a Miro board with a minimal UI: the view-only mode removes editing functionality from the embedded board. This mode enables focusing on the board content distraction-free.

The view-only mode is useful when you want to make an embedded board available in read-only mode, with no options to alter its content.
For example:

  • Moderators can embed a board in view-only mode to guide participants during a workshop or a presentation.
  • Content creators can embed a board in view-only mode to showcase their portfolio.
  • Writers and authors can embed a board in view-only mode in a blog post or an online article, where there is no need for an online collaborative session

In this mode, users can move around on the board, and they can zoom in and out. They cannot add, edit, or delete content from the board.
To open a view of the board with the standard UI, they can click a link on the footer of the embedded view-only board.

Embed a board in view-only mode

Currently, the only supported way to embed a board into another product in view-only mode is by specifying a live embed direct link to the board.

To enable the view-only mode on the embedded board, append the following URL parameter to the embed URL:


If the embedMode URL parameter has no value, the embedded rendering defaults to a board with a standard UI.

Example of a Live Embed board link that enables view-only mode:{board_id}/?embedMode=view_only_without_ui

Example of a board embedded in view-only mode inside an iframe through a direct link:

The corresponding raw source with the HTML markup to embed the board:

<iframe width="768" height="432" src=",-5837,13803,7546" frameBorder="0" scrolling="no" allowFullScreen></iframe>

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