Live Embed view-only mode

Embed a Miro board in view-only mode with minimal UI inside an iframe with a direct link.


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Experimental feature Experimental

A view-only mode to focus on content

Besides embedding a board with a standard UI, it's also possible to embed a Miro board with a very minimal UI: the view-only mode removes editing functionality in the embedded board. Rather than acting on the content of the board, the view-only mode enables focusing on the board content distraction-free.

In this mode, users can move around on the board, and they can zoom in and out. They cannot add, edit, or delete content from the board.
To open a view of the board with the standard UI, they can click a link on the footer of the embedded view-only board.

The view-only mode is useful to make an embedded board available in read-only mode, with no options to alter its content.
For example: in a blog post, or an online article, where there is no need for an online collaborative session.

Embed a board in view-only mode

Currently, the only supported way to embed a board into another product in view-only mode is by specifying a live embed direct link to the board.

To enable the view-only mode on the embedded board, append the following URL parameter to the embed URL:


If the embedMode URL parameter has no value, the embedded rendering defaults to a board with a standard UI.

Example of a Live Embed board link that enables view-only mode:{board_id}/?embedMode=view_only_without_ui

Example of a board embedded in view-only mode inside an iframe through a direct link:

The corresponding raw source with the HTML markup to embed the board:

<iframe width="768" height="432" src=",-5837,13803,7546" frameBorder="0" scrolling="no" allowFullScreen></iframe>

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