Rate limiting

When your app makes a call to the Web SDK, the call consumes resources.
Consumption is calculated in credits, and it depends on the type of operation, as well as on the type of board item that is the target of the request.

For example:

  • Drag and drop events don't use any credits.
    Cost: 0 credits
  • Most calls use 50 credits per call.
  • Time-consuming operations such as creating or updating images and embed items are computationally more expensive than getting a sticky note; therefore, they consume more credits.
    Cost: 500 credits per call

Within the enforced rate limits, it's possible to perform bulk actions (creating, updating or deleting multiple items at once).

Web SDK methods fall in one of the following rate limit weight levels:

WeightCost of one Web SDK API callAction
Level 150 creditsMost actions on board items.
Level 2100 creditsN/A
Level 3500 creditsCreate or update an image or an embed item.
Level 42000 creditsN/A

Current rate limits for the Miro Web SDK:

Max. credits per minute100,000It supports:
  • Creating 2000 board items a minute.
  • Creating 200 image items a minute.
Max. credits per hour1,000,000It supports:
  • Creating 20000 board items an hour.
  • Creating 2000 image items an hour.

If your app exceeds either limit, it receives an error.
If your app exceeds a limit, it needs to wait for new credits before making calls to the Web SDK.
New credits are issued after the time interval when the limit was triggered has elapsed.