Onboarding essentials

A guided path with practical tasks to onboard you to the Miro Developer Platform.

Guided onboarding for developers

Hey there, and welcome, dev! Join us on this guided onboarding flow, where we take you from making your first Web SDK call to creating your first Miro app locally.

You’ll find a mix of onboarding tasks and more in-depth modules to get you up to speed and have some fun along the way!

💡 A few details 🧐

Each task features:

  • The learning objectives.

  • An estimated time to completion.

  • A progress bar to let you know where you're at and how much is left for you to complete the onboarding flow.

  • The next task to take you to the next level of your journey towards creating your own Miro apps from scratch!

It's time to get rolling! Get started with onboarding Task 1: create your first board item with the Web SDK

What's next

In the first task of the guided onboarding, you use the Miro Web SDK to create a board.