1) Create your first board item with the Web SDK

Use the Miro Web SDK to create a board in the first onboarding task.


Time to complete

Time to complete ~5 minutes

Learning objective

Learning objective After completing this onboarding task, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a sticky note on a Miro board.

Using the Web SDK, you can easily create, read, update, and delete different board items.
Make your first request—creating a sticky note—using our Web SDK in the interactive board editor below.

Action: create a sticky note

Review the createStickyNote snippet in the code editor below, select a board for testing the code and hit run to create a sticky note on the board:

const stickyNote = await miro.board.createStickyNote({ content: '<p>This is a sticky note</p>', style: { fillColor: 'light_yellow', // Default value: light yellow textAlign: 'center', // Default alignment: center textAlignVertical: 'middle', // Default alignment: middle }, x: 0, // Default value: horizontal center of the board y: 0, // Default value: vertical center of the board shape: 'square', width: 200, // Set either 'width', or 'height' }); await miro.board.viewport.zoomTo(stickyNote); // Note: this command is optional, to take you to the item on the board.

Let's wrap up

Let's wrap up In this task, you:

  • Created a sticky note using the Web SDK

Now that you’ve completed task 1, let's go ahead and update the sticky note's properties in your next task.

See also

What's next

In the second task of the guided onboarding, you modify and then update board items with the sync() method.