4) Share your ideas with us

Share ideas with and get inspiration from the community.

Time to complete

Time to complete ~5 minutes

Learning objective

Learning objective After completing this onboarding task, you’ll be able to:

  • Know where to find inspiration from our community
  • Understand how to share your ideas with us.

Feeling inspired or just plain proud of something you’ve built or done on the Miro Developer Platform? We’d love to collaborate with you. 😎 🤝 🙌 ✨

Action 1: check out our Community page

  • Take a look at what’s going on in our community—recent blog posts, upcoming events, and more!

Action 2: share your story or idea with us

  1. Interested in sharing your story with us? We’re always looking for talented developers to feature in our Spotlight, collaborate on a blog post, or more!

Let's wrap up

Let's wrap up In this onboarding task, you:

  • Familiarized yourself with our Community page.
  • Learned how to share your story or idea with us.

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What's next

Let's wrap up the submit and share your app activities.