Design guidelines

We want to deliver the best experience to our users and expect developers to share our passion for great UX.

We have prepared detailed guidelines and a components library for you to use in your application. Ensure that you follow these requirements as we will be reviewing and approving your Marketplace publication based on these requirements.

We'd like you to build an app that:
• provides our users with excellent end-to-end experience,
• is as consistent with Miro UX as possible,
• is as neat as possible.

To provide a better user experience for your users, it’s a good idea to use consistent UI and app components with the rest of the Miro product UI. While we are working on an official set of reusable components, we recommend using Mirotone CSS components—a base library that enables everyone to design and build their Miro apps. The goal of this design system is to enable you to quickly jump into a simple, consistent, and efficient user experience while creating your functional solutions.

Ready to design a great app experience? Explore Mirotone CSS components.

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