Add images to a board: specify a URL or drop a file on a board.

The image item adds an image on a board in one of the following ways:

  • Drag and drop a locally stored image file on the target board.
  • Copy-paste to the board a URL pointing to an image file.


If the Miro account associated with image resources hosted on Miro is deleted, the images are stored on Miro for 180 days after the account deletion.

Image item:

Figure 1. Image item.

Known limitations


The Miro REST API returns geometry data only for images that were originally uploaded through the REST API.

At the moment, the REST API doesn't return geometry data for images that were added to a board:

  • Without explicitly specifying image width and height.
  • By copy-pasting the URL to the board, or through the Miro Web SDK.

This behavior may change in the future to return image geometry through the REST API, regardless of the image upload mechanism.

Miro Web SDK

The Miro Web SDK enables creating image items only from public URLs: the URL must be absolute, and it must point to a publicly available image resource.

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