2: update an item's properties with `sync()`

In the second task of the guided onboarding, you modify and then update board items with the sync() method.


Time to complete

Time to complete ~5 minutes

Learning objective

Learning objective After completing this onboarding task, you'll be able to:

  • Initiate and manage updates to board items using the sync() method.

Let’s update the properties of a board item and see the changes take place.

Action: update your sticky note

  1. On the same Miro board you created or opened in task 1, use the developer console to:

    1. Update your sticky note's color to light blue.

    2. Change your sticky note's position to x = 100, y = 100.

      ℹ️ Note
      Updates require two steps:

      1. Change the property value.
      2. Call sync() on the item to make the changes effective.

      Update a sticky note's properties:

      // First, you change the values of the properties you want to update.
      stickyNote.content = 'Updated sticky note';
      stickyNote.style.fillColor = 'light_blue';
      stickyNote.x = 100;
      stickyNote.y = 100;
      // Second, you sync the item to make the changes effective.
      await stickyNote.sync();
  2. Run sync() to see the updates reflected on the board.

Let's wrap up

Let's wrap up In this onboarding task, you:

  • Updated the properties of an existing item on a Miro board, using the sync() method.

Now that you've updated your sticky note, let's run an app inside a Miro board!

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