Miro SCIM API is used by SSO partners to provision, manage, and de-provision users and teams (groups).
The SCIM API is available for Miro accounts on the Enterprise plan.

The SCIM API is based on the Open standard:
System for Cross-domain Identity Management 2.

Our SCIM implementation uses the 2.0 version of the protocol.

Implemented features

Our SCIM implementation supports two types of resources:

  • Users — users in a company plan.
  • Groups — teams in a company plan.

With SCIM you can:

  • Get all users in a company.
  • Get all teams in a company.
  • Update, activate, or deactivate users.
  • Add new users to any team in a company.
  • Move users between teams.
  • Delete users.

Features not implemented

You cannot create or delete teams via the SCIM API. If you need this feature, please contact us.

Supported identity providers

At the moment we support the following identity providers: