Rate limits

In order to protect the service for all customers, Miro implements rate limits for every SCIM API method. Rate limits for SCIM API use the same levels as REST API but with a lifetime of 30 seconds.

Rate limits for Users endpoints

Rate limits for Groups endpoints

EndpointLimit (request per 30 seconds)Level
GET api/v1/scim/Groups5Level 4
GET api/v1/scim/Groups/{id}20Level 3
PATCH api/v1/scim/Groups/{id} 5 for requests bigger than 500 bytes
100 for requests smaller than 500 bytes
Level 4 for request bigger than 500 bytes
Level 2 for request smaller than 500 bytes


Group synchronization limits

It is possible to sync up to 8000 users in one single Group PATCH request. For payloads that contain more than 8000 members (or bigger than 800000 bytes), the API returns a 413 error code.