Embed external content from third-party providers to access it on a board.

The embed item enables embedding, displaying, and accessing content from an external source inside a Miro board.

To embed external content, Miro boards leverage the Embedly service. This enables support for hundreds of content providers: videos, screencasts, slide decks, images, audio, code repositories, and so on.
In this way, boards become collaboration and knowledge-sharing hubs, where cross-disciplinary teams can discover, design, and create without any constraints.

Embed item example:

Figure 1. Example of an embed item with a playable YouTube video and an assigned thumbnail preview image.

After embedding a content resource in a board, it's possible to retrieve any metadata about the embedded content, if available.
For example: title and description, content type and provider, position and dimensions of the iFrame with the embedded content.

REST API only: data object information is retrieved from the content provider through the Embedly service.

Known limitations


  • It's possible to only update the URL of the resource that you want to embed, and the position of the embed item on the board.
    Updating the URL means pointing to a different resource, while retaining the created embed item ID.
  • REST API only: to move the item to a different position on the board, send a request to the /position endpoint.


  • It's possible to retrieve an embed item by specifying its ID.
  • REST API only: it's not possible to retrieve it by passing any data object properties.

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