2022-12-05 changelog

New feature Webhooks API now available in beta

Using webhooks (also called a web callback or HTTP push API) is a streamlined, effortless way to build apps that respond to item updates on a Miro board in real time. You can listen and receive notifications when an item is updated on a Miro board, so your app automatically performs certain actions, and your integration stays in sync with Miro data. For example, you might want to update a third-party tool when the status of an app card item is updated on a Miro board.

Using a webhook is a performant alternative to having your app continuously poll Miro (via the REST APIs) to determine whether changes have occurred. With webhooks, getting real-time updates and implementing two-way sync for integrations is easyβ€”all you need is a Miro app and a secure place for us to send your events.



  • Currently, all board items are supported barring tags and connectors.
  • Changes in item position do not trigger an event at the moment.

For more information, see our Webhooks documentation.