2023-02-06 changelog

Discovery APIs are now available in Beta (Enterprise plan only) Discovery APIs are now available in Beta (Enterprise plan only)

What's new

Discovery APIs allow customers on the Enterprise Plan to export board data from Miro so the board data can be reviewed manually or ingested into purpose-built tools for legal, compliance, and security purposes. The first Discovery API, Board export API, is now in beta.

The Board export API provides a ZIP file that includes a PDF export of the board content and a JSON record of all open comments at the time when the job runs. For large boards, the export job produces multiple PDF files to depict the complete board.

The asynchronous API design includes endpoints for retrieving information about a board export job, such as the status.


Discovery APIs are available only to a closed private beta cohort of customers on the Enterprise plan. This functionality is being considered for monetization as a separate add-on product to the Enterprise plan, as this functionality is highly specific and only relevant to a subset of our customers. If you are an Enterprise customer with a use case for the beta, please contact your Customer Success Manager to join the waitlist for early access.

For more information, see the Discovery API introduction.