2023-08-02 changelog

Introducing linkedTo and goToLink in Miro Web SDK 2.0

What's new

linkedTo and goToLink

We're excited to announce that Miro Web SDK 2.0 now supports the linkedTo property and goToLink method. This enhancement allows you to create more interactive and navigable boards by associating items with links.

When you create an element, you can now define a link using the linkedTo property. This association will be visually represented by an arrow icon displayed on the top right corner of the associated item. Clicking on this icon will navigate the user to the specified link, creating a more seamless navigation experience within the board.

The goToLink method further enhances this functionality, allowing users to navigate through the board programmatically.

The linkedTo property and goToLink method are supported for a wide range of items, including Sticky Notes, AppCards, Cards, Embeds, Frames, Images, Mind maps, Previews, Shapes, and Texts.

For a deeper dive into these new features, refer to our documentation on linkedTo and goToLink.