2024-01-02 changelog

Stable release of group and ungroup methods in Web SDK

Miro supports the grouping and ungrouping of items on a board.

With this stable release, group and ungroup methods are now available in the Web SDK. You can now use the miro.board.group and group.ungroup methods, respectively, to programmatically group individual items together using the Web SDK.

Example of grouping items and adding them to a frame

const shape = await miro.board.createShape()
const card = await miro.board.createCard()
const text = await miro.board.createText()

const items = [shape, card, text]

const group = await miro.board.group({items})
const frame = await miro.board.createFrame();

// shape, card and text will also be added to the frame
// you can check their parentId property after this operation
await frame.add(group)

Groups do not support the following capabilities:

  • Mind maps
  • Tags
  • Metadata

For more details on these new methods, refer to our documentation on group and ungroup methods in the Web SDK.