Changelogs notify updates to the Miro Web SDK and REST API 2.0.

To provide the best experience to our users, we're working on continuously improving the Miro Developer Platform by releasing new features, enhancing existing ones, squashing bugs, and delivering improved documentation.

If you’re curious about what’s new and what’s changed in the Miro Developer Platform, you’re in the right place.
Each changelog entry in this section is a snapshot of what happened, where, when, and why.

May 11th, 2022Public GA⚠️ Breaking changes ⚠️
March 24th, 2022⚠️ Breaking changes ⚠️
March 1st, 2022⚠️ Breaking changes ⚠️
February 1st, 2022⚠️ Breaking changes ⚠️
January 27th, 2022Public beta

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