2022-10-24 changelog

New featureNew feature Node.js client library for the Miro REST API

What's new

Using the Miro REST API just became a lot easier with the release of the official Node.js client library.
To get started, install the @mirohq/miro-api NPM package and check the Readme.

While you can call the Miro REST API directly by making raw HTTP requests to the server, the Node.js client library provides simplifications that significantly reduce the amount and the complexity of the code you need to write.

The Node.js client library provides the following benefits:

  • Documented methods for every REST API endpoint
  • Effortless OAuth 2.0 authorization
  • Automatic management of access and refresh tokens
  • Simple integration with various frameworks and databases
  • Automatic pagination

The library is open source: contribution to this project is open and welcome.

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