2023-02-24 changelog

Miro Web SDK 2.0 supports `taskStatus` and custom fields for cards

What's new

Miro Web SDK 2.0 supports taskStatus for cards

Besides a due date and an assignee who owns the task described in a card item, now you can also track the progress of the task:

  • The taskStatus property enables to assign a status indicator programmatically to follow the progress of a task from start to completion.
    The selected status is displayed on the card.
    It's possible to update the status programmatically as well as manually on the board UI.

to-do, in-progress, done, and none statuses as rendered on the UI
Video 1. to-do, in-progress, done, and none statuses as rendered on the UI.

Miro Web SDK 2.0 supports custom fields for cards

In addition to standard, predefined fields, cards now also support custom preview fields.
Custom fields for cards work in the same way as custom fields for app cards.

For each preview field, you can define:

The data value of the custom field.
For example, you can use value to communicate status or completion information; or a due date; or a message in a plain text string.

  • The color of the text.
  • A background color for the preview field.
  • An image for the icon.
  • The shape of the icon: either round, or square.
  • A short text for the tooltip that is displayed when clicking or hovering over the preview field.

For more information, see fields.