2023-06-12 changelog

What's new

Miro REST API create items in bulk experimental release

With bulk operations, you can now add multiple, different types of items to a board in a single call. You can add up to 20 items of the same or different type per create call. For example, you can create 3 shape items, 4 card items, and 5 sticky notes in one create call.

The bulk create operation is transactional. If any item's create operation fails, the create operation for all the remaining items also fails, and none of the items will be created.

Creating items in bulk results in:

  • Better user experience: You no longer need to think about how to use concurrency for your programming language when you create multiple items at once. 

  • Transactionality: When you need to create multiple dependent items, creating items in bulk allows you to ensure that either all of them are created or none of them are created in case of an error. This saves your time and effort for cleaning up in case anything does not go as planned. 

  • Performance: Replacing multiple requests with one request saves your resources as you need only one physical connection instead of multiple connections. Additionally, the time it takes to create multiple items is lower than the time it takes to create items one-by-one due to the reduced number of roundtrips over the wire.

For more information, see the reference guide.