2023-05-12 changelog

New Developer Space! Miro Web SDK 2.0 introduces flowchart shapes, getOnlineUsers, online_users:updates

What's new

Developer Space beta

We introduced a new experimental space in our developer portal, dedicated to streamlining the developer experience. The Developer Space, currently in open beta, is your one-stop shop for onboarding, progress tracking, app creation, an enhanced app management list, and more!

We’re focused on making sure we meet the right needs of developers with this new space, and your voice is invaluable to us! We’d like to hear from you and learn from your experience with our early beta!
📣 Share any feedback or bugs with us!

Miro Web SDK 2.0 supports flowchart shapes


The experimental shape item extends the range of available shapes that the stable shape item offers.
Besides basic shapes, the experimental shape item also features flowchart shapes.

Currently, the experimental shape item offers limited support for flowchart shapes:

  • Flowchart shapes are available only in the experimental namespace: miro.board.experimental
  • Flowchart shapes are available in read-only mode: it's possible to retrieve them, but it's not yet possible to create them.

Miro Web SDK 2.0 supports getOnlineUsers

How many users are currently online on a board?
The getOnlineUsers method returns IDs and names of currently online users on a board.

Apps can use this information to perform an action targeting only these users. For example, they can display a notification on the board, or open a panel or a modal.

Miro Web SDK 2.0 supports online_users:update

Apps can subscribe to the online_users:update event to register changes in the number of online board users.

When the number of online users of a board changes, the event fires.
The event contains an array with user IDs and names of the currently online users.

Apps can react to the event; for example, by identifying new online users and greeting them by showing a notification on the board.