2024-01-08 changelog

Stable release of metadata, goToLink, showContent, and timer namespace in Web SDK

Stable release of getMetadata/setMetadata, goToLink, and showContent in Web SDK

With this stable release, the following Web SDK methods have moved from experimental to stable:

Stable release of the timer namespace in Web SDK

The Miro timer helps to manage and track your time while running a whiteboarding session in real time.

With this stable release, the timer capability and namespace miro.board.timer is exposed for developers to interact with the built-in Miro timer on the board. You can use the timer namespace to:

  • Start and stop the timer
  • Pause and resume the timer
  • Prolong the timer
  • Subscribe to timer-related events



Timer is only available for Starter, Business, Enterprise, and Education plans. This can be checked via await miro.board.canUse('timer').

For more details on this new capability, refer to our documentation on the timer namespace in the Web SDK.