2024-01-25 changelog

Stable release: group/ungroup methods now support additional operations in Web SDK

With this stable release, the group and ungroup methods in the Web SDK now support enhanced capabilities for:

// Remove grouped items
await miro.board.remove({groupedItems})

// Query groups by type
await miro.board.get({ type:  ‘group’ })

// Query groups by ID
await miro.board.getById(groupID)

// Select groups
await miro.board.select({ type: 'group' });
// or
await miro.board.select({ id: groupID });

// Selection events
await miro.board.ui.on('selection:update', console.log)

// Retreive children items
await frame.getChildren()

For more details on group and ungroup methods, refer to our Web SDK reference documentation for group/ungroup.