REST API introduction

Our APIs are based on a RESTful approach (see REST). It features predictable and resource-oriented URLs and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. Our REST APIs comprise of HTTP methods that you can use to build integrations that don't rely on interactions in the Miro interface.

Why you should use our REST APIs:

  • Connect a Miro board to a third-party product
  • Enable flows that require communicating with a server backend or a database
  • Enable a service to exchange data programmatically using languages other than Javascript or Typescript

Rate limiting

Your app's requests to the REST API are evaluated per method. Currently, there is a limit of 100,000 credits for API calls per minute. Each REST API method is assigned one of the rate limit weight levels.

WeightCost of one API callRequests per minute
Level 150 credits2000
Level 2100 credits1000
Level 3500 credits200
Level 42000 credits50

If the number of requests exceeds the limit, a standard 429 Too many requests error is returned:

  "status": 429,
  "code": "tooManyRequests",
  "message": "Request rate limit exceed",
  "context": null,
  "type": "error"

The following HTTP headers are included in every response, allowing you to check your current limitations:

Header nameDescription
X-RateLimit-LimitTotal credits that can be allocated per minute
X-RateLimit-RemainingNumber of credits left for the time window
X-RateLimit-ResetTimestamp (UNIX epoch) for when the credits will be reset

Enterprise plan

Certain APIs are only available on the Enterprise plan. You can access Enterprise APIs only if you have the Company Admin role. The goal of providing these additional capabilities for Enterprise plan users is to enable a consistent and secure user experience while creating your custom solutions. Additionally, to install applications that use the Enterprise APIs, you must have a team with an Enterprise plan. For example, the Teams API provides the capability to manage teams in your organization. As Miro Teams at scale are only available within the Enterprise plan, the scope of the Teams API is also limited to the Enterprise plan only.

For more information on various plans and the feature matrix, see the Miro pricing plan page.

What can I do with the REST API?

The REST API supports the following CRUD operations on boards, board members, and supported board items:

Board itemCreateReadUpdateDelete
App card
Board member
Organization (Enterprise plan only)
Organization member (Enterprise plan only)
Sticky note
Team (Enterprise plan only)
Team member (Enterprise plan only)
Team settings (Enterprise plan only)