Board Content Logs


Discovery APIs are available only to a closed private beta cohort of customers on the Enterprise plan. This functionality is being considered for monetization as a separate add-on product to the Enterprise plan, as this functionality is highly specific and only relevant to a subset of our customers. If you are an Enterprise customer with a use case for the beta, please contact your Customer Success Manager to join the waitlist for early access.


When an organization has the logging feature enabled, all board item updates for enterprise organizations are stored in the content logs. Content logs contain information about user activities on board items. For example, when a user updates a sticky note item, a log entry is created with information such as the creation and modification date of the item, user who created and updated the item, item ID, item type, board ID, action type (update, create, or delete), and the log data that indicates relevant information about the state of the content at a specific modification time.

Company admins can query content logs within their organization. They can specify a time duration or filter results based on the boards and the users who created, modified, or deleted a board item. Additionally, they can paginate results for easier viewing and handling.

Use case

Content logs allow enterprise customers to collect Miro board data and implement recurring incremental export to various purpose-built tools for legal, compliance, and security purposes. By providing a solution to export data at scale, Miro mitigates customer risk and unlocks opportunities for more knowledge workers across the enterprise to experience the collaborative power of Miro while remaining data compliant.