Create webhook subscription

Creates a webhook subscription to receive notifications when an item on a board is updated. Subscriptions are created per user, per board, and events are sent only if the user has access to the board. We currently support all board items barring tags and connectors. Additionally, changes in item position do not trigger an event at the moment.

Required scope


Rate limiting

Level 2

Webhooks event workflow

  1. Subscribe to a webhook using this create webhook subscription API. Your endpoint must be an HTTPS URL with a valid SSL certificate that can correctly process event notifications.
  2. You will receive an HTTP POST request with a challenge in the body on the callback URL that you provide.
  "challenge": "c273e4a3-01cf-4505-9bc4-27a37dd83c1d"
  1. You must respond to this request from your backend and ensure that you send the same challenge in the response.
  2. After the challenge verification is successful, you will receive the subscription data as a response to the webhook subscription creation request.

For more information on the end-to-end webhook workflow and event samples, see the Webhook introduction.

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