Create mind map node

Adds a mind map node to a board. A root node is the starting point of a mind map. A node that is created under a root node is a child node. For information on mind maps, use cases, mind map structure, and more, see the Mind Map Overview page.

Required scope


Rate limiting

Level 2

Known limitations on node placement: Currently, the create API supports explicit positions for nodes. This means that users can only place nodes based on the x, y coordinates provided in the position parameters. If the position is not provided in the request, nodes default to coordinates x=0, y=0, effectively placing them at the center of the board.

Upcoming changes: We understand the importance of flexibility in node placement. We are actively working on implementing changes to support positioning nodes relative to their parent node as well. This enhancement offers a more dynamic and intuitive mind mapping experience.

Additionally, we are actively working on providing the update API, further enhancing the functionality of mind map APIs.

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