This method allows you to share the board with several users. Users can either be registered or not registered.

In the case of registered users, they will be added to the board and notified about it. Unregistered users will receive invitations to register.



Depending on the board's sharing policy, there might be various scenarios where membership in the team is required in order to share the board with a user. For more information on sharing policy and different scenarios, see Sharing policy.

The value of the teamInvitationStrategy parameter defines how various scenarios are handled. By default, the teamInvitationStrategy parameter is set to off. This means that users are added into the team with the role non_team or an error is returned depending on the board sharing policy. If the teamInvitationStrategyparameter value is set toinvite_when_required, users are automatically added to the team with the role memberin case it is required or with the rolenon_team` if it is not required, depending on the board's sharing policy.
The Team User Connection Objects is created for these users.

Please note that if you set the teamInvitationStrategy parameter to invite_when_required , you may see an increase in your billable amount at the end of the period as you are adding one seat for each new team member.


Returns an array of created Board User Connection Objects.

Required scope


Rate limiting

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