Get items on board

Retrieves a list of items for a specific board. You can retrieve all items on the board, a list of child items inside a parent item, or a list of specific types of items by specifying URL query parameter values.This method returns results using a cursor-based approach. A cursor-paginated method returns a portion of the total set of results based on the limit specified and a cursor that points to the next portion of the results. To retrieve the next portion of the collection, on your next call to the same method, set the cursor parameter equal to the cursor value you received in the response of the previous request. For example, if you set the limit query parameter to 10 and the board contains 20 objects, the first call will return information about the first 10 objects in the response along with a cursor parameter and value. In this example, let's say the cursor parameter value returned in the response is foo. If you want to retrieve the next set of objects, on your next call to the same method, set the cursor parameter value to foo.

This experimental endpoint supports flowchart shapes in experimental release in addition to other shapes that are already supported in production.

Required scope


Rate limiting

Level 2

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