Permissions policy

Contains information about the permissions policies for the board.

Property nameProperty typeDescription
collaborationToolsStartAccessStringIndicates who can start or stop timer, voting, video chat, screen sharing, attention management. Others will only be able to join.
Possible values: all_editors, board_owners_and_coowners
Default: all_editors
copyAccessStringIndicates who can copy the board, copy objects, download images, and save the board as a template or PDF.
Possible values: anyone, team_members, team_editors. board_owner
Default: anyone
sharingAccessStringIndicates who can change access and invite users to this board.
Possible values: team_members_with_editing_rights, owner_and_coowners
Default: team_members_with_editing_rights
"permissionsPolicy": {
      "collaborationToolsStartAccess": "all_editors",
      "copyAccess": "team_editors",
      "copyAccessLevel": "team_editors",
      "sharingAccess": "team_members_with_editing_rights"