Your app's requests to the REST API are evaluated per method.
Currently, there is a limit of 10,000 credits for API calls per minute per user per application.

Each REST API method is assigned one of the rate limit weight levels.


Cost of one API call

Level 1

50 credits

Level 2

100 credits

Level 3

500 credits

Level 4

2000 credits

If the number of requests exceeds the limit, standard 429 Too many requests error will be returned.

    "status": 429,
    "code": "tooManyRequests",
    "message": "Request rate limit exceed",
    "context": null,
    "type": "error"

Also, the following HTTP headers are included in every response, allowing you to check your current limitations.

Header Name



Total credits that can be allocated per minute


The number of credits left for the time window


Timestamp (UNIX epoch) for when the credits will be reset