Flowchart shapes (experimental)

In our endeavor to extend our features and functionalities, this experimental release of shapes now supports flowchart shapes in addition to the basic shapes that we support in production. This experimental release supports only read operations for flowchart shapes via the following APIs:


  • Flowchart shapes are not yet supported in production endpoints. You can use the experimental endpoint to explore these APIs.
  • Basic shapes are supported in production. For more information, see the concept topic on shapes or the API reference for shapes.

Flowcharts help map out a process in a visual way. This way to represent processes helps assess the workflow, as well as identify bottlenecks or potential flaws.

Figure 1. Examples of basic shapes already supported in production and flowchart shapes supported in the experimental release.

For more information on supported shapes on production and flowchart shapes on the experimental release, see the concept topic on Shapes.