Item geometry

The Web SDK and the REST API support properties to manipulate item geometry, namely:

  • Position (x and y coordinate position on the board). The centre point of the board has x: 0 and y: 0 coordinates.
  • Dimensions (width, height)
  • Rotation angle of an item in degrees, relative to the board.
    You can rotate item clockwise (right) and counterclockwise (left) by specifying positive and negative values, respectively.

To control item position, width, height, and rotation, the following properties are accessible through the Web SDK and the REST API in read and write modes:

x: number,         // Coordinate, where x:0 is the horizontal center of the board.
y: number,         // Coordinate, where y:0 is the vertical center of the board.

width: number,     // In dp.
height?: number,   // In dp. Updating not supported for all items.

rotation?: number, // Where supported, it defaults to '0.0' (no rotation)