These docs are for v1.0. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

Differences between plans

Scopes available in all plans

boards:read — Read boards you have access to.

boards:write — Modify boards you have access to.

team:read — Read current team information.

team:write — Modify current team title, invite users.

identity:read — Read your profile information.

identity:write — Modify your profile information.

Scopes available only in Enterprise plan

auditlogs:read — Read audit logs for this team's organization

When the app uses auditlogs:read scope, you can install the app only in the Enterprise plan team.
When the app uses boards:read scope, you can install the app for any team.

Developer team limitation

The developer team is a special team type for development purposes only. Do not use the Developer team to complete any other type of work or remote collaboration. The developer team limitation has the next limitations:

  • Up to 5 users in a team
  • Up to 3 boards in a team
  • Board watermark
  • No board export


If you want to use Enterprise plan scopes but you are not Enterprise plan customer — contact us.