These docs are for v1.0. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

Submit to the Miro Marketplace

We are on a mission to empower teams by providing them with apps and integrations that enrich collaboration through a self-serving ecosystem.

To ensure that, we opened the Miro Marketplace to developers who are willing to change the world of collaboration with us.

What apps are the best fit for the Miro Marketplace?

We welcome plugins and integrations that enrich collaboration for our key audience.
This means that your app must focus on user pain points within the following use cases:

  • Facilitating or participating in workshops and remote meetings.
  • Leading or following Agile rituals and workflows.
  • Performing research and design methods.
  • Developing software.
  • Providing Miro users a better core user experience.

If you want to learn how our users solve their everyday collaboration tasks with Miro, follow our blog and Online Community, where customers and partners share stories of their projects, frameworks, and successes.

How do I get my app published?

Publishing an app means making it available for installation on the Miro Marketplace, which is available for millions of Miro users.

Here are the steps to get your app published in the Miro Marketplace:

  • Check our design guidelines and ensure your app follows them. We want to deliver the best experience to users and expect developers to share our passion for great UX.
  • Check our security guidelines and ensure your implementation follows them.
  • Submit your app through this form.

The Miro Platform team will review your app and contact you about the next steps.