These docs are for v1.0. Click to read the latest docs for v2.0.

Welcome to the Miro Developer Platform


Public beta release of the Miro Developer Platform 2.0

Miro REST APIs and Web SDK 2.0 are available in public beta!
Explore a new dimension for Miro's infinite canvas.


  • While Miro REST APIs and Web SDK 2.0 are in public beta, we recommend using them for development and testing.
  • For production and publication to the Marketplace, use Miro REST API and Web SDK 1.0.
    Apps and integrations built with version 2.0 APIs and SDK are not compatible with version 1.0.

What you can do with Miro's API and SDKs

Build plugins into Miro interface

  • Drag-and-drop plugins for visual asset management, like icons, images, etc
  • 2-way integrations that would sync Miro items (like cards) with other tools, using custom fields, interfaces, etc
  • Collaboration plugins for remote meetings, workshops, retrospectives, etc. These plugins could automate flow, hide widgets, create breakout rooms, etc

See web-plugins features β†’

Build 3rd party integrations with Miro data using REST API

  • Read and update lists of users and their rights on specific boards
  • Create and share boards
  • Create, delete, move and update widgets
  • Add custom data to widgets

See how to get access token and start using REST β†’

Embed Live Miro boards into other web apps using iFrame

  • Provide an interface to choose a board a user has access to share via your app
  • Embed a live collaborative board into a webpage

See how to embed boards β†’

To get started with any of the above you need to:

  1. Create Dev team for Sandbox
  2. Create an application and set it up (scopes, redirect_uri, web-plugin URL, etc)
  3. Install the application to Dev Team to get access token or initialize plugin

Full guide here β†’

Learn more from our Developer Platform Team