Interact with boards and items

The Miro Web SDK 2.0 exposes objects, methods, and events to build apps that expand possibilities on the Miro board UI.

Use the Miro Web SDK to build apps that interact with the board UI to create, update, or delete board items—for example: images, cards, or sticky notes—and that focus on enhancing native board functionality by providing a richer user experience.

The Miro Web SDK is a JavaScript library that helps build JavaScript apps for Miro boards.
The Miro Web SDK needs to be fully loaded on a board before becoming available.

Board operations are asynchronous. When boards process large volumes of asynchronous operations, it may take some time to sync the data with the server.

Check Miro App Examples on GitHub to explore app examples that you can use to familiarize yourself with the Miro Web SDK.

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